More than just a place. More than just a ritual. More than just a story. 

The sanctuary paints a reality of hope and discovery. It reveals our story and our future. August's sermon series explores this fascinating illustration of God's love and plan to restore all things to make them new.  Each week we will build the picture of the sanctuary and add a chapter to the story of salvation. 

Part 1 : Separated

Part 2 : Forgiven

Part 3 : Transformed

Part 4 : Destroyed

Part 5 : Reunited

On this page you can find links to messages you can listen to.  There are handouts for each message which you can use for your personal study or when studying this topic with someone else. 

Our prayer is that this series will open your eyes to who God is and give you a clearer picture of what's going on in our world and how God is going to fix it.