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Acts 1

Taf Shaamano shares a thought below from our current series - Movements.  Taf is a regular at The Oasis who works as a Venture Capitalist (aka deal maker). He is passionate about sharing Jesus through digital means and seeing communities thriving because of the gospel.  

(Listen to the Acts 1 message by Sebastian Feher here)

Imagine things at work getting to the point where your boss has to take you through orientation again after three & a half years on the job? 

The disciples’ personas had taken on an amazing upward trajectory from the time of their callings to the peak of Christ driving the money changers out of the temple. Where they had been before Christ, what they thought of Christ being there, what they thought of themselves as his followers therefore shaped what they expected to happen next. In fact, as the ministry appeared to take on a physical form they were elated that the kingdom was nigh!

But the sudden shock of all the events, circumstances and consequences of the crucifixion and death of Christ sent a wrecking ball through their faith.

It was pertinent though, that before Christ ascended to glory, he rebuilt the disciples’ crushed faith. When He bids them stay until they receive power, they thought to themselves, "the weakness we have is Roman oppression, so whatever power we receive will be to free us from that!"

And so Christ initiated “operation re-orientation”.

Beginning with the prophets and going through all the things He Himself had done and said, he re-oriented his followers in the ministry that they had thought they were already in. Yes, that’s the right way to put it, because clearly for three and a half years the disciples thought  they had enrolled into a political party that was charging forth to Kirribilli House!

So the disciples had to be willing to learn anew. They had to refocus their ministry, not on a material kingdom, but on an eternal kingdom, one that had already come. And better still, one that was within them! 

This gospel is a ministry of building community starting from our closest proximity and expanding out as far as the Spirit wheels us. Much can be learnt from the red letter instruction to “stay until the Holy Spirit comes, then go to Jerusalem, then Judea, then Samaria & unto the ends of the world and lo I am with you always”. 

The first community that has to be built is you and the Holy Spirit. 

If you are not plugged in you can never be charged up! From there, leave behind your personal perceptions and expectations. Rather, let the Spirit direct you into the vast fields where you will be a witness.

Do not neglect those circles closest to you. In fact, that is everybody’s most purposefully designed mission field; the home, the family, the work and the suburb that God placed you!

Join us on this journey of forming community! Share your community stories with us and also your “re-orientation” experience!

Also share this post with your communities where God has placed you!