Photo by David Weber / Unsplash


Communion 7pm Friday November 13

While we can't gather together to celebrate Jesus' sacrifice for us, we can still remember and celebrate in our homes.  On Friday, November 13 we will be joining together digitally to hold communion.  This will be a time to safely gather together as allowed in homes with friends or just your family.  

In the week before you can prepare by:

  • buying or baking unleavened bread (recipe below or buy a flatbread without yeast)
  • buying grape juice
  • consider inviting at least one other person to your home for this special event
  • if you will be washing feet, have a bucket and towel ready

Below is a recipe for making communion, or unleavened, bread. There is also a guide outlining the symbolism of the ingredients and the process. 

We would recommend that you do this baking together with your household.  Explain the significance of each part as you go through the recipe.  Share your thoughts on what each part means.  Make it something special.  Put on some reflective and worshipful music and worship as you bake!

Be blessed as you prepare and we look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 13.  The link to join the service is below.  Join anytime from 6:50pm.